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Brew Cafe

The ultimate bikers’ stopover to get your motor running , our café offers an eclectic bar menu including beer from the tap, scrumptious food, live music and much more to help you relax and rejuvenate after a long ride. On a busy day, it’s a biker’s paradise with the meanest and glossiest machines in the land jamming the parking space. It is a perfect meeting place for bikers on a spin or hardcore racers to exchange thoughts and snoop on each other’s wheels.

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Motorcycle Spa

Love your bike? Then give it the much needed spa treatment after a long ride to eliminate motorcycle pains. Our high-end automatic bike wash machines and expert mechanics will give even the rustiest motorbike an instant makeover.

Get Inked

Bikers and tattoos go way back to 1940s & 50s when they were worn to symbolize affiliation to a particular biker group, signifying brotherhood and comradeship. Remember Marlon Brando in The Wild One, and the cult film of 1969 Easy Rider, the movies which sparked the trend like never before.

Unlike earlier times when tattoos were considered a mark of freakish deviance, bikers all over use ink to express themselves and their lifestyle. We’ll help you choose your artwork, whether you prefer eagles, skulls, blazing tyres, flags, hell angels, mythic creatures, musical inspirations or sexy babes and vintage pinups. The options are as vast and as wild as your imagination!


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